Yonghwa and shin hye dating

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I just love this drama, its is most romantic drama ever I songs, casts, story and locations all are lovable and fantastic. Of course if we start mentioning the cast, I think the fact that Gong Hyo Jin is in this drama should speak for itself. The actors are really good especially Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye.

This woman (alongside Yoon Eun Hye) is one of the best Korean actresses I've seen onscreen. (searching for every word in dictionary to explain). The tomboyish girl works in a cafe pretending to be a boy and the love and confusion brews in the coffee shop...

Sometimes we feel like saying 'Hey Girl just get over your crush", but the show has really good moments. Extraordinary story between two people who shares a bond, this series made me cry and even realize that rumors could really affect people psychologically and physically.

The highlight of this drama is surely the handsome lead actor Kim Hyun Joong Playful kiss a drama which somehow relates to most of the girls love life... Really love the idea and the relationship between lee jong suk and park shin hye. the story mostly reflects the reporters and a family that was once shattered, this kind of acts a lesson to all reporters, I believe.

One is full house which is rating one of highest ever in Korean drama, second one coffee prince and third one is secret garden.