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Adam Richman quite possibly has the coolest job ever — exploring this great big planet one bite at a time. Food,” Richman has a new series premiering on the Travel Channel tonight — “Secret Eats with Adam Richman,” where he searches for underground culinary gems from Rome to Bangkok to Mexico City. I have been working in the food industry since I was about 13 years old so it was always there. I wouldn’t have found out about the opportunity if it wasn’t for them. My dad and I were going to get certification together, but my dad unfortunately passed away before we got to. It’s something so humbling about being around nature that’s so massive and impressive that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

Richman tells us what it's like to eat ant larvae and why he wants to grab dinner with “Hamilton” creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. So as a gift for getting into Yale my step-mom paid for me to get my training. So I think it probably was the combination of the two, definitely. If you could share a meal with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

About a week after Travel Channel’s star Adam Richman got into a nasty war of words on Instagram over a picture related to his recent weight loss, the network has pulled his upcoming series, “Man Finds Food,” from the schedule.

The show, featuring Richman uncovering “delicious hidden food treasures” across the country, was supposed to debut on July 2.

“Maybe you’ll acknowledge that just because someone is on TV, they are no less worthy of human kindness, respect, forgiveness or patience…Give me a [expletive] break,” Richman wrote in part.