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14580 (716)S73-4503 mk CIHM/ICMH Microfiche Series. Faaturas of this copy which may ba bibliographically uniqua, which may altar any of tha imagas in tha reproduction, or which may significantly change the usual method of filming, are checked below.

Er bietet damit nicht nur einen detaillierten Einblick für Mode- und Quarzuhren, sondern erlaubt auch eine valide Analyse für Uhrenmarken im Premium- und Luxussegment.

Mit über 220 abgefragten Armbanduhrenmarken und über 100 Werbeanzeigen von Markenherstellern liefert die Studie die bislang umfassendste Studie über das Kaufverhalten und die Vorlieben von Uhrenkäufern in Deutschland.

(See also Hardware.) Coffin & Co, Wooley Bros & Rich, Boise Cit^ Pans ASSAYERS. It is surrounded by fine graz- ing and mineral lands and the scenery of the high chain of mountains is pictur esque and grand, Colvin H, blacksmith Culver D J, county assessor Cunningham T, coroner Gauntlett J H, hotel Gibson M B, county treasurer and shoe- maker Gillespie A M, county supt of schools Hazard S H, dist atty Howe L, blacksmith Hume K D, cannery Moore A H, sheriff •Saunderi? Aiken A G, sheriff and dist attorney Camman H, gen mdse Campbell Jno, hotel Getty R H, livery Hazard & Hamilton, attys Jackson W, hotel Knowles & Floyd, saloon Lane Jno, county assessor Lockhnrt Wm, hotel Luse H H, sawmill and gen mdse Mackey T C, coroner and physician 3foore J F, county supt of schools Morse David Jr, gen mdse Nosier J H, county judge Reichart R, saloon Riley Jas R, saloon SGEui TTEB FRED, postmnster and agent for Areata, Gussie and Telfair steamers to San Francisco, Cal Sengstacken H, druggists fipragne E W, saloon Stanff A C, county clerk Watson J F, dist judge Whitney H T, meat market Winchojter F, hotel Enterprise, ' BENTON COUNTY. Grubbs Geo, blacksmith Hayde H, wagon maker Myer G W, gen mdse Wood D, saloon Eugene City, LANE COUNTY. CD 1 CD « 0 CD O Piipilippip BUSINESS PENMANSHIP 'TSSrygg Kgaiig SS^g Sfc S % cus ce o- r ft C 0. CANTIELD D postmaster and general merchandise Kirsham Walter, flouring mills Wilber A C, justice of the peace Norway, coos COUNTY. THOBNTON JEPTHA, postmaster and justice of the peace Thornton J J, blacksmith and stock raiser Oakland, DOUGLAS COUNTY, Is 19 miles from Roseburg and 181 miles from Portland, on the O. Trains stop here for meals Ellsworth B F, hotel Enbaiiks k Baltic, grist mill FBASEB W S. Case Samuel, gen mdse Oregon City, CLACKAMAS COUNTY. It has a popu- lation of 500 and itsprosi)ects for parma- nent and steady growth are quit" bright. CD O a s* s o' CD -I o he Colum- CD d agricul- las a popu- forparma- lit" bright. (d (d Cd o z CO o «3 Oregon — Pendleton-Pilot Rock. There is a weekly newspaper, the Oregonian," published here. It is the principal distributing Eoint of supplies for the Umpqua, logue river and Willamette valleys, while all that country lying east of the Cascade Mountains, in Washington Ter- ritory and Oregon, depends entirely upon this bustling, well-built and beautifully laid out city for its articles of us3 and consumption.