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I know that narration to be something which is unreliable.” As a Muslim born and raised in Britain, I have personal experience of trying to discuss sex with an Imam. It’s believed that nine out of 10 Imams who work in Britain today were born outside of the UK.I remember being 15 and asking the Imam in my home town of Huddersfield why I had such raging desire and what I could do to control it. In my Imam’s view, my teenage libido had little to do with my hormones and everything to do with dried fruit. The result is often a Mosque leadership that struggles to meet the needs of the congregation it serves.It’s a valuable insight into a community that normally just doesn’t talk about sex.

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According to Forbes, these men are listed as the richest Muslims around the globe. Mohammed Al Amoudi Net Worth: $12.5 B As of March 2012 Age: 67 Source of Wealth: Oil, diversified, Self-made Residence: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Country of Citizenship: Saudi Arabia Marital Status: Married Children: 8 4.

Azim Premji Net Worth: $15.9 B As of March 2012 Chairman, Wipro Limited Age: 67 Source of Wealth: Software Residence: Bangalore, India Country of Citizenship: India Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Stanford University Marital Status: Married Children: 2 3.

As a result, this Imam has gained an international reputation for applying the Koran and Hadith (accounts of the Prophet Mohammed’s life) to the sex lives of Muslims.

The Iman tells me he “grew up in Tooting and the general rule was: don’t get seen with a girl and don’t talk about sexual feelings.

He applied this to his own life and began dreading the day he would face God with his hand in prenatal agony.