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Later, a younger Elizabeth wept at their graves, while overhearing the ladies, indifferent to their deaths, gossip about trivial things.

One month passed, and Ciel suddenly returned with his new butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

She stands before her casket while mourning her death.

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Afterward, she tells Sebastian that she is relieved Ciel has returned to his normal self; she was worried about his condition because he was so close to Angelina.

She says that she does not want unhappy memories to befall Ciel, and, for that reason, she strives to cheer him up with her own methods, but they are, for the most part, ineffective.

Out of frustration, she throws the ring, and it shatters to pieces at the impact.

Infuriated, Ciel raises his hand to slap her, but Sebastian Michaelis stops him in the process by compelling him to grip onto his cane.

One morning, Elizabeth arrives at the manor and decorates it and the staff with ribbons and other girly accessories, much to their obvious dismay.