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Given that, I’d just respond to the next few invitations by explaining that you’re swamped at your new job and rarely can get away for lunch. We get charged double vacation days if we’re gone over a weekend I live in Florida.

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While I’m happy and excited for this colleague and normally give when asked, it’s Christmas and I’m tapped out in terms of both expendable cash and extra time.

It’s especially awkward for me to say no, since I just finished spearheading our corporate fundraising drive for a holiday charity.

I responded to him privately that I would be unable to cook a meal, but that I’d be happy to drop meals off or contribute to our office mom-to-be in some other way.

He’s been giving me the silent treatment ever since. That’s ridiculous, and no reasonable coworker would want her unwilling colleagues to be forced into helping her in her private life like this.

We developed a friendly relationship and had coffee a few times, during which I had nothing to really offer him because it turned out I was working in an insanely toxic workplace with terrible business practices.

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