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And our parks and recreation members will be on the job putting our public recreation centers, parks and public golf courses in top share for all to enjoy.

This weekend I hope every AFSCME family has the opportunity to break bread together and take a moment to remember that our freedom did not come without costs.

This will probably drive some providers out of business or discourage talented professionals from entering the industry at all.

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S., where overall quality of life is highest, 90058 in Los Angeles, California wins; followed by 86436 in Topock, Arizona, and 39360 in Shubuta, Mississippi.

I have been an independent inĀ­-home care child provider in Cleveland for 14 years and I care for four children ages 14 months to 6 years.

Despite it being a pretty and historic resort town, unemployment rates are over 27per cent, and for those who do work, it's for an average of 46 hours a week, with a 47-minute commute twice a day.

As for the least stress-inducing zip codes in the U.

Without a voice on the job, I believe many providers will leave the profession and many talented individuals will be discouraged to take up early childhood development as a career.