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I hope this example makes things a little clear for you.

Kind Regards, Vijay November 17, 2005 - am UTC but it is putting in feb 29th. You have something on the last day of a MONTH, add months says "add a month to the last day of a month, you get the last day of the resulting month" select to_date('31-jan-2005') interval '1' month from dual; select to_date('31-jan-2005') interval '1' month from dual * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01839: date not valid for month specified [email protected] select to_date('31-jan-2005') interval '2' month from dual; TO_DATE(' --------- 31-MAR-05 I'm not fond of interval math too much - not with adding months anyway.

By the way, the part before subtracting one day would also be the same definition as a VB/VBA Date Add("m", Num Months Inc, Source Date) call.

To do that, you would need an expression like: case when to_char(Source Date, 'DD') to_char(last_day(add_months(Source Date, Num Months)), 'DD') then add_months(Source Date, Num Months) - 1 else to_date ( to_char(add_months(Source Date, Num Months), 'MM) '/' to_char(Source Date, 'DD') '/' to_char(add_months(Source Date, Num Months), 'YYYY) 'MM/DD/YYYY') ) - 1 end If you wrote it into a Function, you could eliminate all those duplicate "add_months(Source Date, Num Months)" calls with a local variable not to mention embedding that monster of a Case Expression every time you needed it.

It takes the rather simplistic view of "it'll be the same day in the resulting month" - meaning adding months to anything on days 29, 30, 31 is potentially an "error" select add_months(to_date('', 'DD-MM-YYYY'),12) from dual; ADD_MONTHS ---------- the error is because interval expects feb 29th in 2001.. :( November 18, 2005 - pm UTC A month is ambigious.