Online dating fraudsters

We have come across several cases of fraudsters who have set themselves up as legitimate wine investment companies.

I can't talk about individual cases, but I can say losses from this type of fraud run into the millions of pounds." Buying fine wine while it's still in the barrel – "en primeur" – means that investors can purchase the product far more cheaply compared with when it will have been bottled two or three years later.

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According to the Wilson Drinks Report the Liv-ex Fine Wine index has risen 225 per cent since July 2001, compared to just 5 per cent for the FTSE 100.

Even between 20 the wine index rose 188 per cent, compared with 1 per cent for the FTSE.

We should add that with any friendship services it would not be possible to be 100% free of such characters escaping filters or policing but we do hope you remain cautious and here is a list of: How to Identify Scammers: 1) Replies which don't actually reply to your own message, messages containing duplicate information or that repeat themselves.

For example anything which seems to be a standard cut and paste message should ring alarm bells.

3) They are very attractive but much younger than you!