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After 12 plus hours of permethrin I washed it wash off and applied unrefined coconut oil after wash because it helps to fight the feces and dead mites stuck underneath my skin in their burrows. Sunday was a spot treatment with permethrin as I still did not use it all.

I showered at least 3 to 4 times as hot as the shower would have it.

I had tried everything, all of the creams and ointments, tea tree oil at 10 percent and 100 percent. I tried the hair dryer and had some small success but they still came back.

When the hot water hits those parts the tingly and itching sensation could be overwhelming. On Monday I used 100 percent food grade diatomaceous earth (DE).

I still felt a little itching and biting but not that much crawling. I used it like it is baby powder, had a white film over my body, and sprinkled it everywhere, sheets, bed, floor, clothes.

I believe they are gone but will continue treatment for 17 days because female grown-ups that can lay eggs can live for up to 17 days.

Last thing I want is to experience this again but if I do, DE head to toe!

I tried to stay in the tub for at last 30 minutes or more, to give the oil time to sink into your pores. Your skin should feel oily from top to bottom when you go to bed. My recipe is 2 cups of Kleen Free for a full tub of water. By Jove, on those nights I could sleep, no itching.