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Masculine look, shadow, he has the looks of an executive out for a drink. I have to cater to them enough at work to have no trouble recognizing the signs. "I'm Mike, you may call me Sir, boy", is his reply. I guess that explains why I buy the beers and return to his booth. "That's what I mean boy, I've had to tell you that twice already. I start to reply but see the look on his face and realize this must be a test so I get up and go into the men's room, get into a stall and take my slacks off. I can't believe that I'm actually here with a dom man and that I'm doing this just because he told me too. It really feels weird to have my cock hanging free in my slacks.Embarrassed to look him in the eye but play along with him,"Hello Sir." "Didn't think you would come boy, thought you would probably wimp out on me," he says. "Boy, I will ask the questions here, do you think you can understand that? "Look at me boy." I look up at him, know my face is red, "Yes Sir." His eyes are on mine and I soon have to break the eye contact and look down again. I sit down and as I look at him I see him checking me out. You really ought to pay attention when a real man decides to spend some time with you," he says, his voice very serious. Still looking down, "Yes Sir." "I find you interesting boy but I don't want to waste my time on a stupid boy, are you stupid boy? "No Sir," I say wanting to sound pissed off but figure it doesn't sound that way to him. "No Sir I'm sorry, It's just...," I start to tell him. Then I leave the stall, throw my jockeys in trash can, covering them with trash."What do you think about when you think of other men, boy? I told him that my fantasies usually involve being submissive to another man and be made to do as told.

I feel foolish just standing there like that and put my hands back down to my side. "You are on time boy, that is good, follow me," his voice deep and commanding. Looking him over as we walk, his profile didn't lie. "Go to the bar and get us a couple beers boy," he tells me. Damn, this man isn't lying when he says he likes to be in charge. "Yes Sir, I want you to tell me what to do," I say my voice weak and unsure.

This isn't working I think as I start to turn to leave. He looks very masculine, definitely works out a lot, in a pair of jeans, black boots and a long sleeved black shirt. As he slides in the booth I slide into the other side, really seeing his face clearly for the first time. "Its Steve and I don't know..." I start to say when he interrupts me. Don't know if I'm up to being treated like this but in back of mind realize this is just the kind of things I fantasize about. " "I don't know Sir, I think about it a lot but I don't know if I can do it for real," I reply. When I do, he asks, "Do you want me to tell you what to do boy? "Go to the men's room, take your underwear off and throw them away," he states coldly.

"I understand what you are saying boy but what it sounds like it to me is that you need a real man in your life," was his reply.

Again I tried to explain to him that meeting someone for real was hard for me to do.

I need to tell someone about what has happened to me. I'm 28, single white man, 5'9, 140 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes.