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Speedway Mobile is also information about Speedway Grand Prix, Grand Prix, World Team Cup, European Championships Speedway, Speedway Best Pairs Cup and the most important events in the Nice Polish and Polish League Speedway 2 Speedway League.

Speedway in Poland is governed by the Main Commission of Speedway Sport (Główna Komisja Sportu Żużlowego, GKSŻ) which is a part of the Polish Motor Union (Polski Związek Motorowy, PZM).

Unia Tarnów are a Polish multi-sports club established in 1928 and based in Tarnów, Poland.

They are best known for their motorcycle speedway team which competes in the Polish Ekstraliga and are the league champions from the 2012 Speedway Ekstraliga season.

PZM is a member of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and the Union Européenne de Motocyclisme (UEM).

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