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The DW Tour Instagram account was created at the end of October 2016 to document the tour. Let Me Love You Set 2 Interlude: Unreleased song of Dangerous Woman 5.

Rehearsals fully began after the completion of Hairspray Live! Ariana worked with Alfredo Flores, Hannah Lux Davis, and Jones Crow to create visuals for the tour.

Politically, most Latinos by conquest soon shifted their allegiance to the U.

S., a pattern that has prevailed among successive generations of immigrants from Cuba, Mexico, and, more recently, the countries of Central America. At the heart of the modern Latino experience has been the quest for first-class citizenship.

Racially, Latinos trace their ancestry to Europe, the Americas, and Africa and, consequently, have long struggled to be recognized as the equals of whites in the U. For all these reasons, Latinos have not only taken tremendous pride in their record of military service, they have also adroitly used their status as soldiers and veterans to advance the equal treatment and integration of Latinos within U. Within this broader framework, military service provides unassailable proof that Latinos are Americans who have been proud to serve, fight, and die for their country, the U. Thus, advocates of Latino equality often note that Latinos have fought in every U. conflict from the American Revolution to the current conflict in Afghanistan. military engagement, Latino civil rights activists have insisted that wartime sacrifice merits peacetime equality.