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I have samsung GT-c3200, i forget my mobile tracker password, i am trying master reset on phone, but asked for security password, so how to reset password or how to format my phone. plz help me to restore coad plzzzzzzzzzzzz or how to fix it. pls send the solution sir pls my name Harshil i have samsung SGH-M200 i forgot my phone lock code ,privacy lock code, sequrity lock cod now it showing error.. my email id is [email protected]ssssss help meee : Sir i have samsung sgh-j210.i enter the flash no. pls reply via email on [email protected] a j700 and i put #*7337# in now my imei shows zero\\'s how do i restore my imei number. I own a Samsung e1410, I changed sim but mobile tracker started sending message to my other number, and the problem is I forgot password of mobile tracker, now can anyone help me please because my new number is sending std message whenever I switch on my mobile my email id is [email protected] samsung guru dual 35 mobile. i used the samsung reset codes and now my phone is saying limited service and when i try to send any call or so forth, it says no network. my e-mail address is [email protected] help will be appreciated very much. Hello friends, I have Samsung SGH-M200, I have forgot my mobile lock/security code. You may be charged a nominal sum of 250 rupees or so............& enjoy life my email id : [email protected] voila javais perdu mon mot de passe de verrouillage et j ai tape le code *#7337# ce qui a effacé mon imei pouvez vous m'aider a remettre celui d'origine voici mon email : [email protected] d'avance How Can I Remove Tracker in My SAMSUNG SGH-B520... My samsung M2710 beat edition is auto restarting every 5 mins, please let me know if anyone of u know the resolution. Now when I insert my chip into the phone it writes searching but the network to make and receive call doesn't come at all. can you help memy e-mail: [email protected] Samsung E250 Phones Buttons are not working,only working dialing no.

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for making speed our sending and receiving from bluetooth from other mobile to samsung mobile and also tell me that if i forgot my phone lock password or any password from mobiles than wht is the code i can know that this is the send me in this e-mail id:[email protected] help me with my samsung gt c3303k it says phone freeze.any sim i inserted it ask password..please give me the code i really appriciate your help..imei-356063042674455..heres my [email protected] help..thank you.bless I have the problem with my samsumg gt c3212i double line, one of the IMEI becomes "00000000000000" which was supposed to be 357650-5 and the other IMEI is 357650-7. :) i use samsung m 2710 ...i tried these *2767*63342# and press green button *2767*3855# and press green button *2767*2878# and press green button *2767*927# and press green button *2767*7822573738# press button hi i need to diable mobile tracker on my samsung galaxy s i9000t but i forgot the passcode can u please help me email me please [email protected]@[email protected] I m using samsung GT-E1175T. Email : [email protected] : Stefan NLTAHELLO SIR, I HAVE SAMSUNG SGH-D780, WHEN I USE CODE *2767*3855# MY PHONE IS RESTARTED & I LOST MY IMEI NO. is thr any way to reset it using any combination of keys? As I did a search, a program from WIZCODE came up as an unformatter for the Samsung phones. my email id is [email protected]sssssssssssss help meee : Shi my samsung mobial SGH-M150 . I just want to ask on how to retrieve my mobile phone password because I forgot it. plssir i have samsung sgh-l700.i enter the flash no. my email id is [email protected] im using samsung c5130 i 've reset it and now my IMEI Stands 00000000000 what is the way to restore my IMEI. pls send details to me [email protected] the same problem after enterd code on a e250d - #*7337# imei numers rest to zeros and is limited service as in blacklisted,but how do i restore the numbers back without flashing the phone? I've reset it and now my IMEI Stands 00000000000 wat is the way to restore my IMEI. 8- Modifique os "level"..minha opnião,o melhor que você faria seria colocar de acordo com o que eu fiz no meu. now i am unable to enter the passcode, plz do help me n can u tell me the reset code plz..... email: [email protected] me sir, i was typed #*7337# it was unlocked the sim lock,but imei no. 00000000000000 Bfore use this code my IMEI is 3582240321965221 at this time what i do for reload my imei How Can I Remove Tracker in My SAMSUNG corpy text... I am posting this comment to help all those users who have accidently gone through such a situation. after restarting, it shows as message such as "Limited service".

BY MISTAKLY I HAVE PUTED two of my number in call rejected list now i want to receive this numbers call but when i m trying to unlock, it asking for possword and i have't any password pls helpme to unlock this number. i use master rest coad *2767*3855# but my imei no show 00000000000000000 . I cant access my files since i put password in it.. #*7337# my mobile restarted and shows emergency calls only also imei no. my charging block is broken so the software wont read the phone,u get wat im saying? Foi assim oh: • lvl 1- apaga tudo e coloka - 125 • lvl 2- apaga tudo e coloka - 250 • lvl 3- apaga tudo e coloka - 375 • lvl 4- apaga tudo e coloka - 500 • lvl 5- apaga tudo e coloka - 625 • lvl 6- apaga tudo e coloka - 750 • lvl 7- apaga tudo e coloka - 875 • lvl 8- apaga tudo e coloka - 1000 • lvl 9- apaga tudo e coloka - 1250 • lvl 10- apaga tudo e coloka - 1500 • lvl 11- apaga tudo e coloka - 1750 • lvl 12- apaga tudo e coloka - 2000 • lvl 13- apaga tudo e coloka - 2250 lvl 14- apaga tudo e coloka - 2500 depios disso você não vai quere mas um NOKIA Falou hermanos & 22Khi. shows like 000000000 and call are not can i get imei no.i am using samsung sgh b100i.please reply - my email: [email protected] sir i use the master code *2767*3855# in samsung sgh l700. The only remedy of this problem is that you need to take your cell phone to your nearest Samsung Service Center, rather than wasting your days fishing the internet, where they will install the company made software which is otherwise not available in market. my email is [email protected],[email protected] plz help me.... Thanks....id is [email protected] GT-s5560 samsung touchscreen ever i listen to music and try to open sum other file the music stops automatically.i suppose its bcoz of virus .i formated my memory card its of no use...i want a code to format my phone memory .!!! HI when i entered #*7337# in my SGH E250, it just got restarted and shows LIMITED SERVICE, so can any one help me to solve the problem plzzzzzzzzzz reply to my mail: [email protected] atleast message to my no.:9177228687 plzzzzzzzzzzz Please I want to change my Samson SGH-T239 network from the American system network to a universal network where I can make and receive call.

i forget my massage open privacy i needed codes to open my massage box what i have to do Please help me my email id is [email protected] got the S3310i samsung mobile phone camera screen resolutionis good but video recorder screen resolution is too low its not in full screen so ,hoe to increase video recorder screen resolution please HELLO SIR, I HAVE SAMSUNG J700i, WHEN I USE CODE #*7337# MY PHONE IS RESTARTED & I LOST MY IMEI NO. i use rest coad #*7337# but my imei no show 00000000000000000 . plz help you can contact me on thanx [email protected] sir, i have samsung sgh-j700i phone. it reset my imei to \\\\\\\"0000...0\\\\\\\" and phone have out of network and it also reset all setting. its quite strange but its happening to my samsung h1...

plz about me imei no restore coad plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thank my email [email protected] Sir i have samsung corby txt (model no. my old imei is \\\\\\\"352587/03/044462/04\\\\\\\". i can talk when speakerfones are on but when i turn it off i cannot send or recieve any voice from my cell..

Samsung Service codes for different models of Samsung mobile phones For all: *#06# Show IMEI *#9999# Show mobile Software Version *#0837# Show mobile Software Version (instructions) *#0001# Show Serial Parameters *#9125# Activates the smiley when charging *#0523# LCD Contrast *#9998*228# Battery status (capacity, voltage, temperature) *#9998*246# Program status *#9998*289# Change Alarm Buzzer Frequency *#9998*324# Debug Screens *#9998*364# Watchdog *#9998*377# EEPROM Error Stack - Use side keys to select values *#9998*427# Trace Watchdog *#9998*523# Change LCD contrast *#9998*544# Jig detect *#9998*636# Memory status *#9998*746# SIM File Size *#9998*778# SIM Service Table *#9998*785# RTK (Run Time Kernel) errors - if ok then phn is reset, info is put in memory error *#9998*786# Run, Last UP, Last DOWN *#9998*837# Mobile Software Version *#9998*842# Test Vibrator - Flash the screenlight during 10 sec and vibration activated *#9998*862# Vocoder Reg - Normal, Earphone or Carkit *#9998*872# Diag *#9998*947# Reset On Fatal Error *#9998*999# Last/Chk *#9998*9266# Yann debug screen (Debug Screens? # unknown Samsung's comand For Mobile phones SGH (R210, T100, A300...) if Samsung code is in format *#9998*xxx# try write in this *#0xxx# SGH-600 SGH-2100 *2767*3855# Full EEPROM Reset (THIS CODE REMMOVES SP-LOCK!