Il profumo dell'invisibile online dating

Su sceneggiatura di Vincenzo Cerami pubblica Gli occhi di Pandora.

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This is a great book, beautifully drawn, and for anyone who likes to at least look at great art. This story involves two female roommates who pick up some extra cash by allowing themselves to be filmed for an internet website, and a sister that stops by.

The book opens with the girl's sponsor calling and complaining about the lack of website visitors and threatening to replace the two girls.

When Wendy notices that Wilma is missing, she goes looking for her.

They start playing with each other out of camera range, and before anything more can develop, the doorbell rings (out of computer camera range, not graphic novel reader eyeball range). Wanda mentions that she has fled her boyfriend and mentions how they meet and how he dominated her. She was attempting to get something out of the pockets in her tight jeans when he came up and said that he would help if she would unbutton her pants.

Nel 1978 crea il suo primo personaggio di successo, pubblicato in prima battuta in Francia dalla rivista “A Suivre”: HP e Giuseppe Bergman, dove HP è un chiaro riferimento al suo maestro e mentore Hugo Pratt.