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                         The soul that was born of a song and flower                         Of tender dawn-flush, and shadowy gray,                         Was strengthened by Love for a bitter hour                         That chilled my day.

                        I had dwelt in the garden of the Lord!

I might, perhaps, except the story of the Civil War, and my part in the trials and sorrows of my fellow-women, but this story I have fully and truly told in my "Reminiscences of Peace and War." My countrymen were so kind to these first stories that I feel I may claim some credentials as a "babbler of Reminiscences." Besides, I have lived in the last two-thirds of the splendid nineteenth century, and have known some of the men and women who made that century notable. Trollope that "the small records of an unimportant individual life, the memories which happen to linger in the brain of the old like bits of drift-wood floating round and round in the eddies of a back-water, can more vividly than anything else bring before the young of the present generation Page 2 those ways of acting and thinking and talking in the everyday affairs of life which indicate the differences between themselves and their grandfathers." But I shall have more than this "floating driftwood" to reward the reader who will follow me to the end of my story!