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Many of the communities are user-moderated, run by people with little moderation experience who are often minors themselves.

// I don't think the app is inherently bad for kids- it serves as a way for people of a variety of age groups to discuss their interests with like-minded people.

AMINO itself can include chats about pokemon but then members send you pornographic images (Seriously!? I don't think that this app is as bad as what the other parents are saying, I use this app myself and I love it.

), Everything bad about social medias can be found on metal amino & it's much more than on facebook,twitter etc. There are some communities that children shouldn't be in, but I think it should be fine as long as you monitor what communities your kids are in from time to time.

They have unclear and arbitrary decisions on what quality content is and enforce a ridiculous way of censoring their users. The worst part of all, is that you cannot leave a community or delete your profile! I caught my son (10yrs old) talking about inappropriate sexual activity with strangers. This is just another way for sexual predators to get to our children.