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I wonder do these people actually enjoy the dramas or they are just here to write negative comments. These comments can really be harmful for your actor/actress/idols, what good you all will get by writing negative things? The whole time watching i was worried about the ending.

This clearly shows none of them is here to give honest feedback on dramas and They just want drama according to them, actor should act according to them and writers should write according to them instead of appreciating the hardwork of team. i simply avoid them instead of de-motivating the cast or writers. I thought the lead female won't be ended with the lead male bcz u know, the second male is perfect in everyway..

I love how Jeong Seon & Hyeon Soo finally resolves their relationship problem.

I love how Jeong Woo finally smiles--I don't like him when he looks so boring and frowny.

If you ever in the situation you will understand how it feels. I always doubt and doubt being in love, cuz im broken home. And now sigh im sure she will once again chose herself, pathetic!