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Which, if you're not familiar with the area, means you're basically in the sticks. Even if it wasn't on her body, knowing that I would see what she was buying before her own husband would, made accepting this experience too good to pass up. "Let me know when and where to meet you and I'll see you then." The following week couldn't come fast enough.

" Her voice in my ear, reminding me of what I had experienced and would potentially see again, instantly got me hard.

When the phone rang, I wasn't expecting it to be her. Although our relationship had ended several years before, we had maintained a sort of friendship. Our relatively infrequent emails had gotten more frequent, and sometimes, rather explicit. Whatever motivation she had, it was clear she was looking for something more. Vanessa, not oblivious to our past OR present, just kept on chatting with her.

A voice I had heard a million times before, but at that moment, it nearly instantly turned me on. A slight hesitation, as if she knew she shouldn't be calling me. She loved the attention, and I loved giving it to her.

I followed her closely - close enough to rub the back of my hand that she held, along her butt.