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But a few years back, in a rush of book and article deadlines, the above was my life, and I reached the point where I couldn't stop eating.

I'd like to think that no one knew, but I'm well aware of my friend with the passion for wine and the one whose weed habit long ago passed social. The owner of the 24-hour corner bodega stopped making eye contact. I'd picked the meeting at random from the online schedule and arrived to find a beautiful, thin, impeccably dressed brunette named Carrie sitting next to a refrigerator.

Not comfort foods, but the ones that make me feel good after I eat them. As suggested, I also attended daily meetings, part of the beginner's 90 meetings in 90 days.

My list included heaping plates of stir-fry, healthy melts, and traditional dinners — vegetables, mashed potatoes, casseroles. The urban meetings were lighter on religion; one Tuesday in Colorado Springs, I found myself in a thinly veiled Christian prayer group.

I found it impossible not to improve from a daily hour focused on my problem.

Eating 3-0-1 kicks the legs out from under your emotional eating. It also shines high wattage on your flawed coping skills.

I've always been devoid of that "I'm full" feeling others have. Naomi Lippel, the managing director of OA, says as much.