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I doubt they’ll reply with a source, they probably just dropped the grainy pic of some thin brunette with ballerina in the filename just to stir the pot after ftvx blueballs pt 3 (or is it 4 now? I also agree, her ass is a bit too plump to be Claire’s, old or recent. If it’s her it had to be very old, her hair has been short since before her marriage. Ass looks a little bigger than what we've seen before but that just could be cause she has gained a little weight over the years.

Tell us where and how you found it and then we can all take a look at all of the shots as I am sure you probably already know the answer. It’s probably some euro model (where 95% of the models have a physique like Claire’s aside from variances in boob size). Also, no really surprised on ftvx being vaporware, Rob probably kicked over a bottle of Louis XIII onto his pc and wiped out his editing work and doesn’t want to fess up. I'd say there is a very good chance that is Claire.

NOT BAD wage topup sure it may make her live litlle happier, and most of us (me included) still wouldnt know where/who she really is! I know of a camgirl who when she was hired in the position she coveted and couldn't risk being recognized she quit camming and deleted all her public photos, but when she needed help for medical bills she offered her snapchat to fans for $15. Hell of a deal, I don't know how well it worked out for her but it seems like a reasonable option.

Show of hands, how many would go for something like that if Claire asked?

You’d think a dentist with a garage full of supercars and years of work would have some decent backup and redundancy procedures for risk avoidance but I guess anyone can get complacent.