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The island is home to the renovated Murazzi beach resort, as well as the noteworthy Ca' Roman natural reserve.

A destination for intellectuals and writers, the island offers peace and tranquility; an optimal setting for the inspiration and the creation of artistic masterpieces., Chioggia is an artificial island that occupies a unique geographical position, separated from the sea by a long sandy strip, the Lido di Sottomarina, appearing almost suspended between the different hues of azure blue of the sky and sea.

D.; its name is of popular origin, dating back to the first half of the 5th century, when the island was abandoned for over two decades due to the unhealthiness of the lagoon.

Its Franciscan history dates back to the year 1220: Back from his travels in the east, Saint Francis of Assisi stopped here because of a storm, and as legend would have it he was welcomed by the festive chant of sparrows.

Also renowned for the famous violet artichoke, the so-called “castraure”.