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The alerts, which include the user’s IP address, call on ISPs to notify their customers about the alleged copyright infringement and discourage them from doing it again.

“We have information leading us to believe that the IP address [redacted] was used to download or share , and the unauthorized download or distribution constitutes copyright infringement." It continues: “As the owner of the IP address, HBO requests that [redacted] Communications immediately contact the subscriber who was assigned the IP address at the date and time below with the details of this notice, and take the proper steps to prevent further downloading or sharing of unauthorized content and additional infringement notices.” Under US copyright law, however, ISPs aren't obligated to pass these messages on to their customers.

" I asked what pics and he said I just sent you some.

I checked my phone and it was 3 pics of his penis!!!

I know the goal is to interact with people for possible dating or relationship, but when you have 400 men in one weekend contacting you, it was just too much.