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Women Behind Bars Women Behind Bars (WBB) is a professional service which provides personal pages, pictures and profiles for women who are incarcerated in prisons all over America The ladies featured on this site are looking for relationships.Many of them have been abandoned by their friends, and families and they desire contact with the outside world.They exchanged letters, shared laughs together on the phone, and she sent him a photo.“I fell in love with her — love at first sight — and I’ve never done that before,” said Mehlenbacher, who bought a ring and plans to pop the question to her soon.“Basically, I feel like she’s my angel that came to me.”Mehlenbacher, who describes himself as a born-again Christian, said he’s spent nearly 17 years of his life in jail because of crimes he committed to support a drug habit.

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Initially, the 35-year-old Toronto mom thought she would make a profit for her effort, but she said she quickly realized she would have to spend her own money to keep it alive.

It doesn’t matter, insists Melissa, who says the site helps prisoners pass the time and “get back into the swing of things” as they reconnect with women.“I’m making a difference, for sure — and that’s become most important to me,” said Melissa, whose website is open to any offender.“It doesn’t matter what they’ve done. I’m just a firm believer in redemption and rehabilitation…

Inmate Dating Service As part of a large dating network, Inmate Dating Service has been designed to connect people who believes in 'second chances'.

Take advantage of this site to connect with Inmates who have seen the error of their ways. Inmate Passions 100% free online dating for the formally incarcerated.

They mailed her a blurb, photos of themselves and a $35 annual membership fee. She plans to move across the country this month to be closer to her man, who’s locked up in the medium-security Mountain Institution in Agassiz, B. They have never met in person, but they exchange letters regularly and have daily chats on the phone, which Mehlenbacher is permitted to do at his institution.