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However, the text looks like it's been translated into Klingon (Russian maybe? She just exudes sex in her every movement and whimper throughout the entire film. Anyhow, I don't even know what her name is, or even if she ever did any other movies, because I'd LOVE to see her in something else, but since I've never known her name, I never knew how to search for her.) so if there are any leads to the source, perhaps someone who speaks the language can assist. I'll post one or two full GIFS, and the rest will be thumbs. Thought that one was very well done with the news readers at the beginning and end making it feel like a real film, but wasn't actually that crazy about the Rape scene.That said, I have to wonder if Nazis ever used the guillotine in their arsenal of persecution. Then again, if the beautiful victim is a resistance spy, perhaps her tormentor just has a keen sense of irony – not that the doomed heroine seems to appreciate it. one last scan from Exil Mental – at least until I manage to do a proper job of the whole story. I just love seeing hot women stripped and used like a piece of fucking meat. No, I'm not going to flood the board with a bunch of full GIFs, but I recently GIFed out what is actually my favorite Japanese Rape film of all time. It was something generic like Car Model Rape, or something along those lines.

I stand by my last comment that you can electrocute a person to death with 12v car battery which puts out much more amps needed to do so.

I have seen a person short out a car battery with a metal tool and burn and arc melt the metal so you can imagine what it would do to a human body under the right situation.

Once she (and again I'm not even sure it's her) is teamed up with the unnamed blonde, there are some more pliers and hot-iron ordeals, but I think you already have most of the rack material and well over half the non-rape tortures. I borrowed a guys VHS to DVD Recorder a few years ago, and transferred a lot of my old VHS to DVD's.

You may even have seen these pages (I've lost track myself) but they are taken from the second dungeon scene which I think is what you asked about… Things like ZFX movies, and this Japanese Rape film was at the top of my list. She's only even tied during one portion of the film, and not all that well, but that doesn't bother me in the least. Because to me the actress in the flick is PURE FUCKING SEX!

The body has to be wet or the skin punctured with clamp teeth to do so for a proper torture gimp scene.

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    Batgirl is the love interest of Dick Grayson, the first Robin, later Nightwing and at one point the second Batman in the Batman comics.

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    So oft wurde diese Anzeige in den letzten 14 Tagen gesehen: Sind Sie auch manchmal Einsam.? Ich suche nach der Mann welche gleiche Hobbys hab wie ich. Ich bin kreativ und tierlieb,bin auch aufgeschlossen zu Neuem.

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    He shook the stool gently and quickly said ..."Madam, the base of the stool is not good.

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    „Persoanele aflate sub supraveghere suferă de boli mintale, precum schizofrenie, depresie sau tulburare bipolară’’, spune psihologul Radu Leca pentru CSID. Gelozia (heterosexuală, homosexuală), furia, lacomia, răzbunarea, vanitatea; sunt doar câteva dintre principalele motive publice ce stau la baza comiterii unei crime.