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Michael Psenicska, 65, owned the Perry Hall Driving School in Baltimore, Maryland.

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I’ve taught all kinds of foreign people to drive so I didn’t even ask to be paid. Then this young guy jumps in and thrusts $500 in my hand. I was expecting to be on HBO but eventually I forgot all about it.

‘Then, a year and a half later my son got back from the movies and told me that he’d seen me in a trailer.

Borat visits a dating agency; gets advice on American dating. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh Ali G visits the United Nations where he interviews Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

Brüno interviews "PR guru" Paul Wilmot and visits New York for fashion week.

He referred to [one of the guests] as “retarded” and complimented the other guests on their willingness to let retarded persons dine with them.