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At age 6, without older siblings/friends, I just couldn’t see that happening.

But rather than saying no, I outlined for her what I had to see that let me see she was ready to walk to school by herself: Looking both ways before crossing the street, crossing with confidence, being aware of time, etc., etc.

She learned just how close she could get to that pond in the park without falling in, and that your pretty new boots don’t look so pretty after they are soaked in sludge.

(They don’t smell all that great, either.) She learned to stand up for herself when boys started taking pictures of her with their cell phone…

They set off, taking on two civilians, a novice singer they find in the ruins of Las Vegas and a wild teenager (Jackie Earle Haley, Watchmen), along the way.

The journey is also beset by giant mutated cockroaches, storms and crazed survivalists, making for some hair-raising escapes in this post-apocalyptic thriller.

to help her see him for the manipulative person he is… Before Christmas, The Divine Miss O had several opportunities to put our role-playing practice to good use, as we continued to discern just how serious this situation was…